Friday, July 13, 2012


Hi loves,

Happy Friday! I got some fantastic news this morning that I will be sharing with y'all tomorrow. I wanted to update on how my running progress is going. 

I am still working on week 1 of c25k. I've walked every day but haven't been able to quite run everyday. I will get there. I've looked at it this way, at least I am off to couch and moving. I've started to learn that running is definitely a mental thing. If I don't want to do it somewhere inside of me on a particular day then I'm not going to. Today I wasn't feeling into running so I just walked. But I still felt good after walking. 

Last night I met my sweet friend Courtney for dinner. We went to Chipotle. It was my first time to really eat there. I'd been to one when they first opened near me but I wasn't feeling good that day so I didn't eat. Courtney had suggested going there knowing we could eat mostly healthy. I ended up having a burrito bowl. It was black beans, chicken, fajita vegetables, their pico de gallo-ish salsa, gaucamole, and lettuce. That's all and it was a lot. It was so filling and delicious and only 505 calories for the whole thing, which I didn't finish. I love that you can go online and build what you eat/ate and see the calorie/nutrition information. It's a great tool for someone who is trying to become healthy. 

We ended up walking around the village we were in and did some window shopping as well. Afterwards we walked over to Whole Foods so Court could show me some of her things she's been eating as she's lost 11 pounds. She looks great. What are some of your healthy snacks and food? I'm horrible with food. Must get better. 

Well just a little update on my progress. Hope everyone has a great Friday.


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