101 in 1001

101 in 1001 Days

 I will come back and bold things as I go.

Start : May 22, 2012

End: February 17, 2015

1.       Find a job that makes me happy
           -Work in Progress. I've decided I love Environmental Education and am pursuing that in grad school and potentially a new job in Florida August 2013

2.       Move out of parents house
             -moved to Georgia August 2012
             -moved to Florida August 2013

3.       Get a new car
            -new to me car. Got mom's old Honda Accord.

4.       Train for a 5k
            -Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl 5K May 18, 2013
            -Disney Princess Half Marathon February 2013

5.       Lose muffin top

6.       Have a girls getaway weekend
            -4 days at Disney with Courtney, Katie, Rhiannon in February 2013

7.       Go on some dates

8.       Send just because cards to 5 friends
                 ~One sent out to Rachel on 6/6/12

9.       Dress more professional  and put together

10.   Go wine tasting

11.   Go to a football game

12.   Ride a horse

13.   Go back to the South: visit or move
            -moved back August 2012
14.   Enjoy where I live by exploring

15.   Sleep under the stars

16.   See a sunrise and sunset in the same day

17.   Make a new friend
          -Met Emily when moving to Georgia in September 2012

18.   Go on a road trip

19.   Get a mani/pedi

20.   Don’t eat fast food for one month

21.   Read 50 books
            1.Skinny Rules by Bob Harper
              2. Paula Deen a Memoir: It Ain't All About the Cookin By Paula Deen
22.   Take a spin class

23.   Take a zumba class

24.   Write a handwritten letter to somebody

25.   Try something new with my hair

26.   Try meatless Monday for a month

27.   Take a picture of each letter of the alphabet

28.   Shop at a Farmer’s Market
         -St. Simon's Farmers Market
         -The Boys Market in Boca
29.   Go on a picnic

30.   Lose 30 pounds

31.   Visit a new state
        -Went to Charleston SC in August 2013

32.   Go to Disney World
           -Went December 2012 with Emily
           -Went February 2013 with Courtney, Katie, Rhiannon for Disney Princess Half

33.   Take part in a scavenger hunt

34.   Go tailgating

35.   Complete a 30 day photo challenge

36.   Make a sand sculpture

37.   Carve a pumpkin for Halloween

38.   Create a floral arrangement for each holiday

39.   Complete 100 Pinterest projects
             1. Rope around a can
             2. Easter Bunny banner
             3. Makeup trays with plates
             4. Disney Princess Shadow Box

40.   Try 50 new recipes

41.   Go to the top of a lighthouse

42.   Try 10 new foods
       1. Pork Belly at Food & Wine Festival

43.   Make a wish on a shooting star

44.   Give up baked goods for one month

45.   Give up Diet Coke

46.   Go fruit picking

47.   Eat veggies from my own garden
           -Did this all summer of 2012

48.   Watch Every Disney Animated Movie to Date

49.   Go explore a new place
         -Charleston, South Carolina August 2013
         -West Palm Beach area August 2013

50.   Be positive for an entire week

51.   Go to a concert
          -Oregon Jamboree 2012

52.   Make a Gingerbread house at Christmas

53.   Start a new holiday tradition

54.   Floss every day for a month

55.   Do 15 situps every night for a month

56.   Become better organized

57.   No shopping for things other than food for a month

58.   Attend a Baseball game

59.   Play tennis

60.   Learn how to play golf

61.   Own a Cast Iron Skillet

62.   Cook something delicious in Cast Iron Skillet

63.   Have a dinner dash party (each course at different house)

64.   Sit on a front porch rocking chair and enjoy the surroundings

65.   Eat at 10 new restaurants

66.   Go to a Kentucky Derby party

67.   Go to a festival/fair
      Italian Festival in Jupiter 11/2/13

68.   Go Sailing

69.   Go kayaking and SUPing

70.   Go to SeaWorld
           -went to SeaWorld Orlando on Dec 23, 2013 with Rachel and Family

71.   Ride a bicycle on a leisurely stroll
        -done on Jekyll Island

72.   Eat at home for every meal for a week

73.   Take a picture of the same scene during all four seasons

74.   Get a massage

75.   Professionalize my resume

76.   Go Geochache-ing

77.   Fall in love

78.   Start collecting Marine Science children’s books

79.   Visit 5 historical places
         -Charleston, SC
         -Darien, GA

80.   Spend a day in Forsyth Park

81.   Learn that I’m worth total happiness

82.   Have a bonfire

83.   Have makeup professionally done

84.   Dance in the Rain

85.   Kiss in the Rain

86.   Keep fresh flowers in my house for a week

87.   Professionalize my Wardrobe. Have every staple item that a girl should have. 

88.   Stay in a Bed and Breakfast

89.   Use Pinterest to decorate new living area

90.   Join a Co-ed sports team

91.   Find a solution to my dark circles under my eyes

92.   Enjoy a candlelight dinner

93.   Learn to grill food by myself (the whole process of the grill)

94.   Clear out inbox and keep email organized

95.   Spend a day enjoying the outdoors

96.   Get to a healthy BMI

97.   Have a bigger bed than a twin
         -I know have a queen memory foam mattress. I still need a box spring August 2013

98.   Go on a hike

99.   Do something completely impulsive

100.   Run a Disney run
          -Disney Princess Half Marathon February 24th, 2013

101.  Start a new 101 in 1001 List

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