Monday, July 16, 2012

The Big News I've Been Waiting For

Hi Loves,

So the time has come where I get to announce my big news. I am moving back to Georgia! Woohoo! I am going to be an Education Member at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. This is a year long position through AmeriCorps where I will be paid as well as get money to go back to school. I am very excited for this new path. 

I've always had that passion for marine animals and recently I've gotten the passion for teaching. This position will be a perfect blend between the two and will hopefully lead me into the career path I've been looking for. 

I'm very excited to start this next chapter of my life which begins September 1st. Now comes the task of figuring out all the logistics of moving cross-country. I don't even know where to begin. Have y'all had to pick up and move a distance away? What are your tips for deciding what to move? Any advice is welcome. I will keep you updated along the way :) 



  1. How exciting!!! Moving is not fun at all! The first move for Randy's job was to Georgia! We actually didn't see the rental house before. He showed up and signed the contract and moved in that day. The joys of moving states away! :)

    1. Haha, that's awesome. I kind of know what I am getting into for where I am moving. It's just the whole logistics of putting everything together to move. Moving across states is causing a lot of stress but I don't have anything else to stress about right now luckily. I'm quite excited for this next chapter in life though :)