Monday, March 18, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Hey Y'all!

So I am currently working on my recap blog from my Disney Princess Half Marathon but having picture issues. Hopefully that will be up soon! But I have a few randoms for this fabulous Monday.

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day! Now I know most people and festivites occured on Saturday the 16th but I had to work. In fact I had to work all by myself. 70 students plus a guided tour and daily programs...needless to say the day went by fast but it was super busy. After work I ended up staying the night at a friend's house for girls night cause the next morning we were getting up early to head to Savannah!

My OOTD...Green Shorts & Chambray

I was super excited to see Savannah for St. Patrick's Day! We headed straight to Forsyth Park to see the green fountain! Only to be dissapointed :( They took the dye out that morning. Now why on earth they would take it out on the actual St. Patrick's Day beats me but it's still pretty.

I just love this fountain!
Spring Flowers!
We then headed down to River Street and had a drink from Wet Willie's. We decided to walk up to City Market because there wasn't much going on down on River Street. I'm so glad we went up there. There was a live band playing and so many people dancing and just having fun. We ended up being there from 2-6:30pm. We found our green beer, mulitple times, and just danced the afternoon away! It was the best and something I really needed after all the stress I've had lately.
You must have green beer on St. Patrick's Day
Buddy pose!
Uncle Bubba's for Dinner
St. Patrick's Day was one of the best day's I had in a long time! A much needed break from work.
I finished off my weekend with finding some delicious new snacks and painting my nails with new Essie polish.
These are like little cookies. 100 calories for three in a package. So good
Essie Play Date!
I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day & Monday!



Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog hiatus

Hi Friends,

I realize I've been on quite the blog hiatus lately. Well I've decided it's time to start making it back to my blog. This is just a quick update blog to let y'all know I'll be back. I've got a couple blogs in the works but I want to finish them before posting. Hopefully there will be a new one up by this weekend recapping my amazing journey to The Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Stay tuned....