Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heaven got a little bit brighter today!

My heart breaks over the fact that we lost a truly beautiful and inspiring legend today. Miss Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau passed away this morning at the age of 81. She is truly going to be missed. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to grow up with Lilly and only learned about her fabulousness a couple years back. I'm so honored to have learned all about her. The irony in today is that I was actually out shopping for some new Lilly when I read the news of her passing. She must've been sending a message already! Heaven truly is a brighter place today!
RIP Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau
A Lilly Lover,

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals

So April is upon us....

Did you get tricked today with April Fools? I've always disliked this day as I usually get tricked pretty good. I'm a sucker I guess. Well now that April is upon us I have a couple goals for the month that I thought I'd share with y'all.

1. Register for classes for Grad School
      -so excited to start at Florida Atlantic University in August but nervous too

2. Continue to log my food in myfitnesspal app

3. Participate in Heather's Cross Train or Remain the Same Challenge
       -I plan to do cross-training 2x per week. I'm thinking DVD's or bike riding

4. Get back to running
       -I haven't been running much as I've been really sick. My body feels the need to run

5. Keep the house clean
       -I did a deep cleaning today and I'm hoping my roommates will help me keep it clean.

These are my April goals. Are you setting goals this month? What are they?

Have a great April!