Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Hi Friends,

Long, Long, Long time no post. I'm sorry. Let's do a little recap so you know the reason. 

In August I made the move to South Florida to begin Grad School. That's right folks, I went back to school. I'm getting my Masters of Education in Environmental Education. Try saying that three times fast. I wasn't sure how I would feel about going back to school but I was lead to the decision and it was definitely the right one. Full time grad school student is no joke. I was always busy with papers and assignments. It was kind of a blessing in disguise that I didn't find a job. It wasn't for lack of trying. It's hard in my field. Luckily I started volunteering at a great facility and I think it's going to turn into a job in January. Between volunteering twice a week, classes, and assignments, I didn't have much time on my hands other than for running (that will be another post). But all my hard work paid off and I got a 4.0 in my first term of Grad School!!! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know this. 

I am beyond thrilled with a 4.0! I've never had a 4.0 in my life. I guess it makes a difference when you really love what you are going to school for and you chose the classes. I'm hoping to keep the momentum going in my next year and a half. 

The last couple months were definitely an adjustment period for me moving to a whole new area and starting school again. So sorry I was MIA. 

As we near the end of the year, it's the time again for resolutions. I usually always make the same ones and don't go very far with them. Ha. Well this year I'm going to document them here on the ole blog and see how far I will come through the 2014 year. Without further ado...

I'm only choosing 5 resolutions this year. If I choose to do more, than so be it but these are what I'm going to work on. 

1. I'm going to continue running. I just recently had a health physical and all my levels were pretty good. I think a large part of that is due to my running. If it weren't for RunDisney I wouldn't be running, so I owe them a lot. I'm already signed up for 2 races, now time to find 12 more :) 

2. I want to maintain my focus and hard work so that I can have good grades all throughout grad school. 

3. I really need a job, at least part time. It's hard living in South Florida and not having money. Luckily my parents have been able to help support me. But let's get real, I'm almost 29. Time to get serious and stop floating around so much. 

4. Since I'm now a Florida resident for school, I bought myself an annual Disney pass! This has always been a dream of mine. I want to go a lot more and explore all parts of Disney! 

5. Take time to enjoy life. I'm realizing there is so much in life that I am missing out on and I would like to say yes to more things. I want to get out an enjoy. Who knows maybe I'll meet my Prince while out exploring! 

So those are my 2014 resolutions. Will I keep them? I sure hope so. What are your resolutions? Are you making them this year? Let's here what 2014 brings for you! 

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!! 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running Progress

Hi Friends,

Wow things have been crazy lately. My move to South Florida went pretty well. I'm in my first week of graduate school and I think that it's going to be great! 

I'm definitely distracted this week though. Any guesses why?........

It's runDisney's quick off weekend for all the races to come! Sadly I will not be part of this weekend but I am excited to read all my #teamrunDisney member's twitter/instagram/facebook feeds! I am so excited for all of them! #teamrunDisney is one of the best groups I've ever been part of and I can't wait to do more races and meet people! I wish everyone a happy race weekend in Disneyland! 

My running has gone pretty good this week. I've gotten in both runs that I wanted to so far. Today's run was hotter than a toaster. I literally was sweating buckets. I felt like I was in a swimming pool but I kicked it out and I'm proud of myself! 

My speed is getting faster which is something that makes me really excited. Last year when I started my running journey, I couldn't run for nothing. I would've been the one attacked if it were a race from something because I was so slow. When I ran the PHM last year I made it through with a 15 min pace. Only a minute under the 16 min pace requirement. Now mind you there were plenty of people behind me and I never felt in danger of being swept but I knew I was slow but I finished and was dang proud. So proud in fact that I made all my PHM loot into a shadow box recently. This was my first half marathon and I wanted to remember it! 

Well for this next years Glass Slipper Challenge, I knew I wanted to have a better time. Although I also made a promise to myself to stop and take more pictures with characters as well. I am happy to say that my runs are going a little bit faster. Monday I had a 13:27 pace which I was so excited about! That's the fastest that I've ever gone. Woohoo! Now today's was a little bit slower 14:00 because it was hot!!!! But I still have shaved off at least 1 minute from my running time which I think is a fantastic accomplishment. I'm hoping to continue to see progress in my running! 

Through my running I've decided to start getting into more of the gear as well. If you guys have any suggestions for watches, clothes, apps, anything, please send them my direction! One of the newest blogs that I found, Pumpkin to Princess, is doing a great giveaway for a pair of Pro Compression socks and Amy has a discount of 40% too! I used that beautiful code to order my first pair of compression socks in fabulous purple! I can't wait to get them in the mail. Go check out Amy's blog and give her support as she is running this weekend at Disneyland! 

Well that's all for now friends. Time to get some reading in for class tonight. 

Happy Running,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Long time no post

Hi Friends,

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. I kind of lost sight and interest in blogging. Well I am back and my blog is going to take sort of a different direction.

I've really been into running, RunDisney, to be specific. That's where it all started. I started following blogs of people who were running Disney races. Last February I completed my first runDisney race which was the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I never thought in a million years that I would ever run a half marathon.

You see I've never been the best runner. When I was younger I played tball and softball. I literally was the slowest runner on the team and was always self conscious about it and hated it but never did anything about it. In high school I was on the dance team, when the coaches made us run to warm up, I hated it and I was the slowest yet again. So I never wanted to do it. 

It wasn't until I started following bloggers, twitter friends, and instagram friends that I saw running could be fun! 

So last summer a friend and I decided to sign up for the Half Marathon. It gave me a goal to work towards. Now she has been running for quite some time so I knew we wouldn't be in the same corral or anything but we'd still experience it "together". 

That weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. Here are a few pictures of proof that I actually did it. 
I Made it to the Expo!

I met Ali Vincent, first Female Biggest Loser

We met Sean Astin

Again with Sean Astin

My only character picture with Jessie!

A cast member took this for me! 

Running through the Castle is pure Chaos and Delight!

I did it! 

Extremely tired but so proud! 

It was pretty cool to meet Ali Vincent, first female biggest loser, and Sean Astin. To say this weekend was one of the best in my whole life is an understatement. I wish I could repeat this weekend all the time. 

The morning of the race was wicked Humid and there were heat advisories out and you could just see the humidity in the air that morning. I was pretty used to humidity as I live in South Georgia but I knew running 13.1 miles was going to be tough. I had moments where my knees felt like they were going to give out so I had to walk. I also had some wicked stomach cramps that I just couldn't get rid of and they were making it hard to run. I was getting nervous that I wasn't going to make the time cut off but then I would look behind me that there were still so many people behind me that I knew I was okay. I don't even know where I was in the race but at one point I just started crying because I knew I was actually going to complete what I set out to do. I was so proud of myself. As I was running through Epcot in the last stretch of the race, I just started waving at the spectators. I knew nobody was there for me specifically but they were my saviors. They cheered me on as if they knew me. It made me so happy. Thank you spectators!!! I was so excited when I crossed the finish line. I wish there was a picture of it but sadly there is not. But I know I did it and I'm so proud. 

My timing went a little like this:
5K Split... 46:30
10K Split... 1:33:54
15K Split... 2:23:33
My Time... 3:23:42
Clock Time...4:06:57

Believe me, I know that isn't a great time, as my friend finished a whole hour before me and I only stopped for one picture, but I was proud. 

The rest of that day was spent sitting around in the hot tub relaxing. At that point on of my friends said she was done and didn't need to do it again. I knew I was hooked and ready to sign up for my next race, I just didn't know which one. 

When runDisney announced the Glass Slipper Challenge, my other friend Courtney and I decided we were going to do it. A 19.3 mile adventure spread out over two days, a 10K and a half marathon. We said we were going to do it and we diligently set alarms on our phones for when registration opened. We both got in and are so excited! This time, we vowed to take more character pictures along the way. 

I know I'm going to have to get serious about running in order to fulfill my dreams of running the Glass Slipper Challenge. I'm hoping to use this blog as an outlet to help me achieve that goal. If you have any running tips, gear, music, anything send them my way. We will all encourage each other for that Glass Slipper!! 

Happily Running,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heaven got a little bit brighter today!

My heart breaks over the fact that we lost a truly beautiful and inspiring legend today. Miss Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau passed away this morning at the age of 81. She is truly going to be missed. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to grow up with Lilly and only learned about her fabulousness a couple years back. I'm so honored to have learned all about her. The irony in today is that I was actually out shopping for some new Lilly when I read the news of her passing. She must've been sending a message already! Heaven truly is a brighter place today!
RIP Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau
A Lilly Lover,

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals

So April is upon us....

Did you get tricked today with April Fools? I've always disliked this day as I usually get tricked pretty good. I'm a sucker I guess. Well now that April is upon us I have a couple goals for the month that I thought I'd share with y'all.

1. Register for classes for Grad School
      -so excited to start at Florida Atlantic University in August but nervous too

2. Continue to log my food in myfitnesspal app

3. Participate in Heather's Cross Train or Remain the Same Challenge
       -I plan to do cross-training 2x per week. I'm thinking DVD's or bike riding

4. Get back to running
       -I haven't been running much as I've been really sick. My body feels the need to run

5. Keep the house clean
       -I did a deep cleaning today and I'm hoping my roommates will help me keep it clean.

These are my April goals. Are you setting goals this month? What are they?

Have a great April!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Hey Y'all!

So I am currently working on my recap blog from my Disney Princess Half Marathon but having picture issues. Hopefully that will be up soon! But I have a few randoms for this fabulous Monday.

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day! Now I know most people and festivites occured on Saturday the 16th but I had to work. In fact I had to work all by myself. 70 students plus a guided tour and daily programs...needless to say the day went by fast but it was super busy. After work I ended up staying the night at a friend's house for girls night cause the next morning we were getting up early to head to Savannah!

My OOTD...Green Shorts & Chambray

I was super excited to see Savannah for St. Patrick's Day! We headed straight to Forsyth Park to see the green fountain! Only to be dissapointed :( They took the dye out that morning. Now why on earth they would take it out on the actual St. Patrick's Day beats me but it's still pretty.

I just love this fountain!
Spring Flowers!
We then headed down to River Street and had a drink from Wet Willie's. We decided to walk up to City Market because there wasn't much going on down on River Street. I'm so glad we went up there. There was a live band playing and so many people dancing and just having fun. We ended up being there from 2-6:30pm. We found our green beer, mulitple times, and just danced the afternoon away! It was the best and something I really needed after all the stress I've had lately.
You must have green beer on St. Patrick's Day
Buddy pose!
Uncle Bubba's for Dinner
St. Patrick's Day was one of the best day's I had in a long time! A much needed break from work.
I finished off my weekend with finding some delicious new snacks and painting my nails with new Essie polish.
These are like little cookies. 100 calories for three in a package. So good
Essie Play Date!
I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day & Monday!



Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog hiatus

Hi Friends,

I realize I've been on quite the blog hiatus lately. Well I've decided it's time to start making it back to my blog. This is just a quick update blog to let y'all know I'll be back. I've got a couple blogs in the works but I want to finish them before posting. Hopefully there will be a new one up by this weekend recapping my amazing journey to The Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Stay tuned....