Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running Progress

Hi Friends,

Wow things have been crazy lately. My move to South Florida went pretty well. I'm in my first week of graduate school and I think that it's going to be great! 

I'm definitely distracted this week though. Any guesses why?........

It's runDisney's quick off weekend for all the races to come! Sadly I will not be part of this weekend but I am excited to read all my #teamrunDisney member's twitter/instagram/facebook feeds! I am so excited for all of them! #teamrunDisney is one of the best groups I've ever been part of and I can't wait to do more races and meet people! I wish everyone a happy race weekend in Disneyland! 

My running has gone pretty good this week. I've gotten in both runs that I wanted to so far. Today's run was hotter than a toaster. I literally was sweating buckets. I felt like I was in a swimming pool but I kicked it out and I'm proud of myself! 

My speed is getting faster which is something that makes me really excited. Last year when I started my running journey, I couldn't run for nothing. I would've been the one attacked if it were a race from something because I was so slow. When I ran the PHM last year I made it through with a 15 min pace. Only a minute under the 16 min pace requirement. Now mind you there were plenty of people behind me and I never felt in danger of being swept but I knew I was slow but I finished and was dang proud. So proud in fact that I made all my PHM loot into a shadow box recently. This was my first half marathon and I wanted to remember it! 

Well for this next years Glass Slipper Challenge, I knew I wanted to have a better time. Although I also made a promise to myself to stop and take more pictures with characters as well. I am happy to say that my runs are going a little bit faster. Monday I had a 13:27 pace which I was so excited about! That's the fastest that I've ever gone. Woohoo! Now today's was a little bit slower 14:00 because it was hot!!!! But I still have shaved off at least 1 minute from my running time which I think is a fantastic accomplishment. I'm hoping to continue to see progress in my running! 

Through my running I've decided to start getting into more of the gear as well. If you guys have any suggestions for watches, clothes, apps, anything, please send them my direction! One of the newest blogs that I found, Pumpkin to Princess, is doing a great giveaway for a pair of Pro Compression socks and Amy has a discount of 40% too! I used that beautiful code to order my first pair of compression socks in fabulous purple! I can't wait to get them in the mail. Go check out Amy's blog and give her support as she is running this weekend at Disneyland! 

Well that's all for now friends. Time to get some reading in for class tonight. 

Happy Running,