Monday, April 16, 2012

Swimsuit Season is Fastly Approaching

Hi Loves,

So as most of you know swimsuit season is either here in some states or is coming up quickly for others. Being in Oregon, it's not swimsuit season yet but I am going to Cabo soon and that's defanitely swimsuits. What are you going to do to get ready this year?

Well if you don't know, I've got a great option for you. Introducting Tone It Up's 2nd Annual Bikini Series.

I know that I defanitely need some work this year. Now I am far from wearing a bikini, ha, a tankini is as close as I'll get but I'm looking forward to getting better into shape. Are you gonna join me in 8 weeks of fun? I hope so. If you decide to do the Bikini Series let me know, we can encourage each other through the process :)


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