Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meeting LC

Hi Loves,

This past Wednesday I went to my very first book signing. I don't know if y'all have been to a book signing or not but I wasn't really sure what to expect. In order to be part of the book signing you had to get a wristband for the event. Luckily I didn't work the morning of the event so I was able to get my friend Courtney and I wristband numbers 57 & 58. YAY, we were going to be in the beginning of the line. The book signing was at one of our local Barnes & Noble and it was for none other than....

Lauren Conrad!

She is currently on a book tour for her new book The Fame Game. I haven't read all her other books but I've read a couple of them and I really enjoy them.

Lauren first became a known name in 2004 through MTV's Laguna Beach. I was in college in a sorority house when Laguna came on and all us girls defanitely watched it. Ever since I've been pretty enamered by LC and her style. She just seems so down to earth. Her career sure has taken off since Laguna & The Hills with her Kohl's clothing line and her books. I think she's done quite well for herself and stayed grounded.

Now to the book signing itself.
Lauren was supposed to be there by 7 and I think she finally showed up at 730ish. They had everyone (800+) lined up by number and then we would just follow along. Courtney and I had some really nice girls in front of us that we were chatting with that made the time go by quickly.

By the time we got up to see Lauren I was ready. I had been trying to think of something to say all day long. What I said was something along the line of "how are you enjoying our lovely weather?" I was being sarcastic because in Oregon it's always raining as it was tonight. Lauren said something along the lines of when she got off the plane her hair became huge and then I said mine does the same thing. She said if you ever see her with her hair up in a bun it's usually because of it not cooperating and being huge. I said same here but I had my hair down that night and she said it was very pretty. I thanked her. She is just as pretty, if not prettier in person and so sweet, so to get a compliment from her is like amazing!

I had two books signed by her. One that I had before, her Style book and then her new book The Fame Game.

It was quite exciting to have a celebrity come to Oregon because that happens few & far between. I think I'll defanitely be watching out for some more book signings because it was a fun experience all together. My only complaint about the event is that we couldn't take pictures with Lauren or even while we were up at the table getting our books signed. So this is the only picture I could get to prove that I really did see her...
I would defanitely recommend that if you get the chance to go to a book signing with her that you should. It was a great experience.


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