Friday, March 16, 2012

Frustration Station

     My title....that's where I'm at right now. So as y'all know I've been sick and well I've tried to get into the Dr 3 times this week with no luck. Today they told me that I defanitely need to see a Dr but they can't fit me in so I need to go to urgent care. Mind you there was a 6 hour time difference from when I first c alled until they told me there were no appointments. Needless to say I'm a little frustrated, no a lot a bit frustrated!
     Due to my sickness I missed a whole week of work. I'm very upset about this because it's a new job and I love it at the same time. My boss understands but at the same time, why couldn't I have gotten sick during spring break when I was already off? Arg. It's hard for me to find a job where I like what I am doing so it's tough for me not to be working since I really enjoy this job. Hopefully I will be getting some meds tomorrow when I go into urgent care and they kick in by Monday.
     Not only have I missed work but tonight I was supposed to go to the Casino, tomorrow morning I was supposed to go dress shopping for friends wedding, and then a family gathering to see the newest baby edition to our family tomorrow afternoon. I have to miss all of this because of said sickness. It makes me extremely irritated.
     So I'll be spending my Friday night, on the couch watching Say Yes to The Dress and drinking lots of fluids.

Sorry such a depressing post but had to get it out.


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