Monday, October 24, 2011

Sports! Sports! Sports!

Sports! Sports! Sports!
So this topic has a little bit of irony to it. I'm from Oregon, we don't have major league sports (well except now we have the Timbers for soccer). I played softball when I was younger for 9 years, starting in t-ball and working my way up. Although once I hit high school I switched to dance team. There is where I lost my interest in sports for the most part. I didn't have a team that I routed for or anything. While in college, my boyfriend then was the student athletic trainer. He always asked me to come to his games he was working and I never really had interest in going. I went to a few, being a good girlfriend, but defanitely should've gone to more to be an even better girlfriend. Well the irony in the story is that now that we are no longer together (haven't been for 4 years) I am absolutely in love with Sports. Love me some football and baseball. I can't get enough and want to watch it all the time when it's on tv. I just find it hysterical. Now because we don't have sports teams, I get the leisure of picking the teams that I route for. My teams are Alabama (RollTide) and I love the Texas Rangers. So excited they are in the World Series and hoping that they win. It's on my tv everynight :) What got all y'all excited about sports? And what are your teams? How do you celebrate your teams? I would love to go to a game someday. Defanitely on my bucket list.
That's all for tonight! LET's GO RANGERS!!!!

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