Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm back

Long time no blog...I know. I kinda fell off the bandwagon for a while. Life has been pretty crazy with work and events. And then just my pure laziness. Ha. I've become completely addicted to Pinterest as well which has kept me more involved there versus blogging. But I'm making an effort to be back to it.

I've been struggling lately with motivation. I'm currently quite lost with myself. I've been out of college for over 2 years now and only worked a job for 6 months that I actually truely loved. I'm currently working at our local zoo but not in the department I would like and I'm tired of driving there (at least 40 minutes a day if not more to get there). I need something new but I don't know what I would like to do. There are so many jobs that fellow bloggers do out there that I think would be so fun but I have no idea how I would get started in them. I love travelling so I think it would be awesome to be in the travel industry. I love children so it would be great to work with children. I love animals, I love fashion, I love people. I just have no idea what I want to do with my life as far as a career goes.

I always thought that I would be a dolphin trainer growing up. However as I got older and wiser I learned this really wasn't going to be feasible for me and I've been quite lost ever since. I'm almost 27 and I still have no idea what to do with my life. For all you bloggies out there, how have you decided what career path to choose? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I've also decided that I am utterly and completely in love with the south and wish I grew up there. The standards and morals of the south are just so great I wish I would've had the pleasure of having that instilled in me as I grew up. I may not have been born there but I'm hoping to move there someday in the future and raise my children (someday) there.

Well I've decided that it's time to start living life a little more as well. I've seen several blogs with lists of things they would like to do in life. I love me some lists. Ha. I will be 27 in February but I decided that was only a few short months to finish a list so I've developed a 28 before 28 list. Hopefully I can complete these things before more 28th birthday. I may end up even adding more since I love lists so much. Here's the list...

1. Find a job that makes me happy
2. Move out of my parents house
3. Get a new car
4. Get rid of unworn/unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories, and stuff
5. Buy tall boots that actually fit my calves (i danced so I have large calve muscles)
6. Train for a 5K
7. Run a 5K race...a Disney one would be fun :)
8. Lose the dreadful Muffin top
9. Go on some dates
10. Give up Diet Coke
11. Have a girls getaway weekend
12. Do 28 DIY crafts from Pinterest 
13. Floss every day for at least a month (i'm really bad about flossing)
14. Do 15 situps every night for at least a month
15. Read the bible and do a study
16. Send "Just Because" cards to 5 friends
17. Become more southernly (that's a whole other list)
18. Dress more grown up/ladylike/professional/attractive
19. Put more time into makeup and Hair/myself
20. Become a wine drinker
21. Go wine tasting
22. Understand football
23. Ride a horse
24. Go back to the south: visit or move
25. Own more jewelry and wear it
26. Organize my life better
27. Enjoy where I live by exploring it
28. Read 10 books

Well there you go. I will do monthly check-ups to update y'all (picked that up when i lived in Georgia) on the status of my list. Here's my welcome back to blogging. Hopefully I can stay up with it and give this thing a pretty makeover :).

That's all for now Lovelies,

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