Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Working things up

Hi Friends,

So as I've been promising here is my update on the move. Things have been pretty crazy since I moved so I haven't had time or energy really after work.

Well when I first got here, I couldn't even move into my house for 4 days because people hadn't moved out. So therefore I was living in Limbo buying things and storing them in my car until I could move in. Once I finally did move in, the whole house was disgusting. I had to do some intense cleaning. Here's an example of the bathroom...

umm how could someone shower in here?

the shower curtain was moldy! so gross!
And here is what the bathroom looks like after I got my hands on it...
So Much Better Now!
When I moved in there were dishes and trash all over the kitchen. It was quite horrible. Since I didn't get to move in until I started working, my nights were busy cleaning and organizing. I am somewhat satisfied with the house now. I had been sick for three weeks. The house was trying to kill me with a whole bunch of dust and mold. I ended up getting a sinus infection :(. It's all cured now for the most part.

So like I said I jumped right into work. Now my position here is only a year temporary but I am loving the job so far. Now the politics surrounding the job and all the other crap outside of it, I'm not loving. There's definitely a lot of crap floating around which makes it weird. I've been doing pretty good at just staying positive. Yesterday though I had a break down.
I moved back here hoping to have all these exciting things happen. Not one has happened. Have you ever worked something so much up in your head and then when it happens you feel let down? Well that's how I've been feeling. I miss all the people I used to work with. I like some of the people now but it's not the same and they are all a good 5+ years younger than me. They are still stuck in that partying stage and I am not. I mean I am almost 28 but I feel like I am going on 40 around them. So the social aspect of being here hasn't gone as well as I'd like it too.
But on the other side the job part is going well. I love it. I'm starting to work on a project that I'm hoping I will be able to take to grad school. I officially know what I want to do for a career which feels fantastic. Now if I can just get there. That's always the question isn't it? Well at least I am on the right track.
With the Holidays here I am having a real time being away from family. I think that's what lead to my mental breakdown the other day. But I am trying to make the best of it and just go with the flow. Spending Holidays away from the family is one of the hardest things I've ever done. How do y'all do it if you are away from family? I'm just decorating like crazy. I'm hoping to do a post about all my decor next week (the roomies won't let me decorate until after Thanksgiving).
I've had some fun adventures along the way. I will try and blog about a couple of those soon. I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on. Super busy loving work, hating the politics, my house is trying to kill me, missing holidays at home, but staying positive! I'll leave you with one of the positives to living on an island...
Going to the beach! :)
Until next time,

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