Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting ahold of the Classroom

Hi Friends,

So this post is for all the teachers out there. As part of my job I am teaching sea turtle programs classroom style. Today I had the hardest time getting the students to listen to me. I tried all my tricks in the bag and couldn't get them to pay attention. So my question for you teachers out there is....what are some of your tricks and tips for classroom management?

I want to be the best educator that I can and on days like today I feel like I failed. I would love to say that the rest of the day got better but all I could do was process what happened with the group this morning.

So friends, do you have any tips, tricks, websites, blogs, book, etc. that might help me out? I'm willing to look anywhere :)

(I'm asking for help because I want to be all that I can be!)


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