Friday, February 24, 2012

You don't alter Lilly to fit you, You alter yourself to fit Lilly

Quick name where that real quote is and what it's really from.....
If you guessed Bride Wars you are totally correct. "You don't alter Vera to fit you, You alter yourself to fit Vera". Ha well I think of this quote every time I look at Lilly clothes. I don't own any because I can't fit into them currently. Everytime I try them on they just don't fit and I get depressed. So is it so wrong to go on a diet to alter myself to fit into some Lilly? I think not. I am currently sick but next week I plan to seriously follow me some Weight Watchers and get back to the gym. I'm dying to fit into some Lilly dresses for all the wedding events I have coming up.
On another note....How do you ladies afford so much Lilly? I know her stuff is quality but this girl is on a limited budget. Do you guys buy all your Lilly full price or from other spots? Help a girl out please!!!!!
For now, I leave you with the items I'm lusting over...

Lottie Dress in Bright Navy Cherry Mine

Whinnie Dress in Emerald Green A Thing Called Love

Bloomy Dress in Shorely Blue Toucan Tango

Alima Top with White Shorts and Wedges would be so cute for shower

And of course there are many many more things I'm lusting over. So next week it's onto altering myself to fit Lilly. And girls, seriously how do y'all get your Lilly? Advice will be seriously welcomed :)



  1. I NEVER buy Lilly full price. I always buy it on sale! If I don't buy it on sale I buy on eBay or facebook resale sites like Perfectly Preppy resale or shopaholics preppy closet and I use to buy a lot on Re-Lilly as well. I love LIlly but it's def expensive and adds up.

  2. Thanks Lindsey. I'm glad I wasn't going crazy thinking she was so expensive and people were buying all brand new. I've defanitely started looking into those resale places. Although I'm on a spending break for Lent so hopefully nothing super big comes up that I want until Easter :) Thanks for the tips