Thursday, February 23, 2012

The New Job

Hi Loves,
   As I mentioned in my previous blog I've gotten a new job. I can officially announce that I am a substitute instructional assistant with our local school districts. Basically I get a call every morning at 5am asking if I can sub for the IA's that are out for the day.
   I decided while I was in Georgia that I think my path in life now is going to become an environmental educator at an aquarium, zoo, or environmental facility. I love seeing people learn things and I love animals and the environment so this is the most logical path. Being in the schools has been pretty exciting and I think it's the right path.
   So now I'm looking into Graduate programs for Environmental Education. Most of the ones I've found are back on the East Coast and in the south and I'm defanitely not complaining about that. Y'all know how much I want to be back there living so this is a perfect plan for me.
   So here's to my new career path :)


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