Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For the love of blogging

The blogging world is a world all on it's own. I came across the blogging world a couple years ago. I didn't start writing my blog until almost a year ago (February 3rd = aka the day before my birthday). Just because I didn't start my blog until then didn't mean I was totally unaware of it. I loved reading blogs and even had them saved in my favorites to read the updates each day. Last year I decided it was time to start writing my own. Well my posts where kinda boring and few and far between but I was still part of the fabulous blogging world. Blogging has introduced me to some amazing ladies, who I am sure we could totally be friends in real life. There are some amazing women who write great blogs chronicalling our lives day to day. Bloggers really do connect and it's such an amazing experience to be part of an amazing community. With out the help of bloggers and twitter, I would be really lost. I've asked for help and just seeked friendship in these areas and have been accepted. It was a really hard year adjusting to moving home. My home friends are all married w/ kids or getting there. It's hard for me to relate to them as I'm still trying to find a career. And a man at some point :). Having the blogging community/twitter community, I've made "friends" with girls who are similar in stages of life to me and it's great to connect with them. It's even great to connect on things such as shopping, makeup, tv shows, etc. I just absolutely love it. I just want to say thank you to the blogging community and twitter community for becoming "friends" and continuing this life journey together. I hope one day maybe I will meet up with some of these friends and become in real life friends. I think we would just bond quickly. I just love all y'all for such an amazing experience. Let's keep it going!

In honor of Friends, my link up for The Vintage Apple's Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday is all about friendship.

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