Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today I am linking up with Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect Jenn for her Currently link up. Go check out her fab blog.

Current Books:
I am currently just reading the new magazines I receieved in the mail

Current Playlist:
International Love~ Pitbull and Chris Brown
Hell on Heels~ Pistol Annies
Just in Love~ Joe Jonas feat Lil Wayne
Tonight is the Night~ Outasight

Current Color:
OPI Chihuahua Bites

Current Food:
I'm so ready for summer so I've been spending the extra money and indulging in Strawberries. I seriously go through a container every two days. Yummy and Healthy.

Current Favorite Shows:
1. One Tree Hill~ Happy to have it back but very confused by first episode
2. Beverly Hills Housewives~ I love Kyle
3. Hart of Dixie~ Well when it comes back on :)

Current needs:
To get off my butt and go to the gym, lol.

Current Triumphs:
Slowly backing off the amount of Diet Coke that I consume.

Current Banes of my Existence:
Not being able to find a job. I'm so tired of this economy. I want to find a job that I'm happy in and using my degree but it just isn't happening. Very frustrating.

Current Celebrity Crush:
Mauricio Umansky. Kyle's husband on RHOBH. I think the thing that makes him so hot is that he's such a great Dad and Husband and he dresses fantastic. What girl doesn't want that?

Current #1 Blessing:
That a very close person in my lifes Cancer was caught very early and they have already had it removed. So thankful the doctors found it early.

Current Indulgence:
Umm, I indulge in way too much every day lol. So last night was cookies.

Current Outfit:
Workout clothes. Gonna head to the gym

Current excitement:
I'm leaving for Georgia in two weeks to see one of my best Buddies!

Current Mood:

Current Favorite Quote or Verse:
This is so true to me right now. I've had all these ideas of how my life is supposed to be and it's far from it.

Current Favorite App:
Twitter. Love Staying connected with everyone

Current Favorite Product:
Maybelline's New Color Tattoo Eyeshadow. Bought two of them so far and probably going to buy more because I love them.

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