Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Update and Random Thoughts

Hi Loves,

So I'm sitting here watching the NBA Finals. Go MAVS!!! So this girly was never huge on sports but I've realized as I've gotten older that I like watching them and by watching them I then know what guys are talking about...ha.

This weekend was pretty uneventful in the fun sense of the word. The most exciting thing I did was go on a coffee date with a cousin on Friday. The rest of the weekend was filled with groceries and errands of the such.

However....this fabulous place....
Is having there Yellow Sale and I got some fabulous deals. Including 12 handsoaps and 3 car scents for $30 with a $10 off 40 purchase. I just love me some coupons and deals! Y'all should hit them up soon if you haven't. I might even go to another one tomorrow to look for more stuff :)

So I've officially jumped on the AngryBirds train and I'm completely addicted. It's to the point where I had to charge my phone twice yesterday cause I just couldn't put it down. I'm hoping this addiction doesn't last too long.

Today was quite a sad day :(. I found three pairs of shoes that I absolutely adored a Nordstrom Rack...

Exhibit A: Jessica Simpson Kingsley (I've been lusting over for months)
Exibit B: Sperry Top-Siders with a touch of Pink
Exhibit C: Super Cute Nike's

However, due to my last post...I decided I could not feasibly purchase these shoes until I finished replacing all that was stolen and paying for my trip :(. So sad to be a responsible adult when it comes to shoes. Well I guess if it's meant to be the shoes will still be there once all is figured out.

Well Loves,
That's all for the evening. Tomorrow I start volunteering at the Zoo :)

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