Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gateway Mom Jeans

Hi Loves,

How many of you hate shopping for jeans? I know I sure do. I feel like I can never find the perfect pair. When I do find the perfect ones I buy them in multiples and wear them out. I mean I wear them until they have wholes in the thigh area. 

Let's talk about that. I mean come-on Jean companies! Can't you put more material in the thigh area to help a girl out with the chubb rub. My pants and several of my friends always wear out there first. More material or stronger material in that area would be fantastic!

Okay back to the main topic. So I've been on the hunt for some new jeans as my last ones ended their reign. I have some other ones that are trouser style that I can wear for work but I am looking for tight jeans. I want some nice tight jeans that make my butt look fantastic. I mean come on who doesn't want that? The problem with jeans these days is that they have too much stretch in them and are only tight when you first put them on. Drives me insane. I want them to stay that way. 

So I had gone to Old Navy the other day and was trying on jeans since they are on sale for only $19. I found a pair that I thought I liked. I bought two pairs. One in long for heels and One in regular. I bought them and then got them home and tried them on again. I hated them when I got them home. You see this happens to me all the time with Old Navy. Love the stuff when I try it on in store, hate it when I get home. So why did I hate them? Because the pockets are HUGE!!!!!! They make me look like I have a pancake butt. I don't want that!! I mean I have a pretty flat butt to begin with, I got boobs instead, so I definitely don't want to make it look even flatter. Insert the jeans I bought....

Do you see how HUGE those pockets are? Not to mention I only had them on for maybe 5 minutes and the butt area already started stretching out. Ugh! Needless to say I am taking them back pronto! 

So this leads me into the Gateway Mom Jeans pin I found on pinterest...

(Here's the actual link: )

This makes so much sense to me. I've always bought Old Navy or Gap jeans because I thought they fit me right but I always hated how they stretch out so fast. I don't want to be wearing Gateway Mom, Pancake Butt Jeans. I'm 27 and nowhere near wanting to be a Mom! I want to be looked at as hot. I want to be looked at as having a cute butt even if it is flat. This girl needs to find a man and I sure as hell ain't going to find one in Gateway Mom jeans! I am officially done with buying Old Navy/Gap jeans unless they change their ways. 

It's gonna hurt my wallet to find the perfect small pocket, non-stretch, non-pancake butt, non-mom jeans, but it will be worth it! Here I come jean shopping!!



  1. i have seen similiar pins and it is so true! good jeans are worth the $$! i was shopping with my mom recently and tried on some at new york and co... while they looked good from the front, the back made my butt look so wide and flat. better believe i put those babies back on the rack right quick!

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who has found this. I returned the Old Navy jeans and I'm on the hunt for the perfect jeans. I will definitely be spending the extra $$ on them just so I know they are good ones.

  2. Oh jeans. Such a pain in my rear! I hate spending the money on all those brands (that I probably couldn't even name). Jean shopping sucks, and I hate it even more when I get those jeans home and they do that whole "get bigger after moving around in them for 5 minutes". Last winter I lived in my Wranglers and Cruel Girl jeans. That makes me sound like the biggest redneck. Ha But these aren't the 'cowboy dark denim straight leg' Wranglers. They have a whole women's line. And since I live in my Luccheses during the winter, they go even better since they are made with boot wearing women in mind.

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