Tuesday, May 22, 2012

101 in 1001

Hi Loves,

I've seen these 101 in 1001 lists floating around all over the place several times before. Well I decided that I want to do so many things that I am going to do 101 in 1001 and see how far I get. So here it is.

Start : May 22, 2012

End: February 17, 2015

1.       Find a job that makes me happy

2.       Move out of parents house

3.       Get a new car

4.       Train for a 5k

5.       Lose muffin top

6.       Have a girls getaway weekend

7.       Go on some dates

8.       Send just because cards to 5 friends

9.       Dress more professional  & put together

10.   Go wine tasting

11.   Go to a football game

12.   Ride a horse

13.   Go back to the South: visit or move

14.   Enjoy where I live by exploring

15.   Sleep under the stars

16.   See a sunrise and sunset in the same day

17.   Make a new friend

18.   Go on a road trip

19.   Get a mani/pedi

20.   Don’t eat fast food for one month

21.   Read 50 books

22.   Take a spin class

23.   Take a zumba class

24.   Write a handwritten letter to somebody

25.   Try something new with my hair

26.   Try meatless Monday for a month

27.   Take a picture of each letter of the alphabet

28.   Shop at a Farmer’s Market

29.   Go on a picnic

30.   Lose 30 pounds

31.   Visit a new state

32.   Go to Disney World

33.   Take part in a scavenger hunt

34.   Go tailgating
35.   Complete a 30 day photo challenge

36.   Make a sand sculpture

37.   Carve a pumpkin for Halloween

38.   Create a floral arrangement for each holiday

39.   Complete 100 Pinterest projects

40.   Try 50 new recipes

41.   Go to the top of a lighthouse

42.   Try 10 new foods

43.   Make a wish on a shooting star

44.   Give up baked goods for one month

45.   Give up Diet Coke

46.   Go fruit picking

47.   Eat veggies from my own garden

48.   Watch Every Disney Animated Movie to Date

49.   Go explore a new place

50.   Be positive for an entire week

51.   Go to a concert

52.   Make a Gingerbread house at Christmas

53.   Start a new holiday tradition

54.   Floss every day for a month

55.   Do 15 situps every night for a month

56.   Become better organized

57.   No shopping for things other than food for a month

58.   Attend a Baseball game

59.   Play tennis

60.   Learn how to play golf

61.   Own a Cast Iron Skillet

62.   Cook something delicious in Cast Iron Skillet

63.   Have a dinner dash party (each course at different house)

64.   Sit on a front porch rocking chair and enjoy the surroundings

65.   Eat at 10 new restaurants

66.   Go to a Kentucky Derby party

67.   Go to a festival/fair

68.   Go Sailing

69.   Go kayaking and SUPing

70.   Go to SeaWorld

71.   Ride a bicycle on a leisurely stroll

72.   Eat at home for every meal for a week

73.   Take a picture of the same scene during all four seasons

74.   Get a massage

75.   Professionalize my resume

76.   Go Geochache-ing

77.   Fall in love

78.   Start collecting Marine Science children’s books

79.   Visit 5 historical places

80.   Spend a day in Forsyth Park

81.   Learn that I’m worth total happiness

82.   Have a bonfire

83.   Have makeup professionally done

84.   Dance in the Rain

85.   Kiss in the Rain

86.   Keep fresh flowers in my house for a week

87.   Fly a kite

88.   Stay in a Bed and Breakfast

89.   Use Pinterest to decorate new living area

90.   Join a Co-ed sports team

91.   Find a solution to my dark circles under my eyes

92.   Enjoy a candlelight dinner

93.   Learn to grill food by myself (the whole process of the grill)

94.   Clear out inbox and keep email organized

95.   Spend a day enjoying the outdoors

96.   Get to a healthy BMI

97.   Have a bigger bed than a twin

98.   Go on a hike

99.   Do something completely impulsive

100.  Run a Disney run

101.  Start a new 101 in 1001 List

My hope is to complete all of these but I know life can get in the way so hopefully I can get the majority of them done. I will update them as I go along. What are your 101 in 1001 things that you'd like to do? If you decide to make a list, post a link in the comments so I can see what you are working on.


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